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Who We Are

Principal Accountant

The owner of ALR Accounting Service, Lauren Rossini, EA has been working in the accounting field since 2005. She started out working in Public Accounting before switching gears and focusing on the private accounting sector. Her years in Public and Private Accounting along with her Enrolled Agent credentials has allowed her to gain expert knowledge in many different sectors of accounting and gain knowledge on different types of business structures and the needs of different business sectors and individuals. She strives to give each client the best service possible with a personal feel to make each client comfortable with the services being provided to them.

Our Firm


The main goal of the company is helping individuals and small business owners get quality advice, tax and accounting services at an affordable price with a personal touch. We strive to make every client feel like they are the top priority. Here at ALR we understand that our clients are very busy running their businesses and their top priority is to be as successful as possible; with little time to run back and forth to the accountant's office. That is why we do our best to make all our services as convenient as possible by offering remote bookkeeping and tax work. With technological advances it has never been easier to have your accounting work handled without ever stepping foot inside an accounting office, which also means more affordable prices. Services like Cloud Drive, QuickBooks online and Virtual Conferences has made it easier than ever to share info and talk with your accountant while getting up to date Financials with the click of a mouse.


(845) 219-1639    9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

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